Men's Suits for Weddings: The Ultimate Guide for Grooms

A wedding is undoubtedly one of life’s most important occasions, and a wedding suit one of the most treasured pieces in a man’s wardrobe. With endless options available from tailoring to accessories and grooming, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’ve put together a guide to make sure your final look is timeless, elegant and unique to your wedding day.


First and foremost, consider the context of your wedding. Think about your wedding location, time of year, desired dress code and what your fiancé is wearing. As the overall feel of your day starts to materialise, you can plan your outfit accordingly to ensure an appropriate look on the day. No matter the setting though, this is the time to dress up, to extend yourself and stand out from the other men in attendance. While you have to look great, you also have to be really comfortable in your own skin, or you won’t wear the suit well. Being relaxed and comfortable in your wedding suit will allow you to focus on the day itself and just enjoy it!


Merino wool is the king of all suiting cloths, and wedding suits are no exception. A finer, softer, more luxurious weave such as s130 or higher will differentiate your wedding suit from your everyday 9-5 outfit and add an extra level of elegance. Merino works perfectly for a classic tuxedo; a timeless design that is flattering for a variety of body shapes.

Weddings are also a great opportunity to experiment with slightly more interesting cloths and we find that men are increasingly looking for something truly unique. As long as the colour use is somewhat ceremonial, wedding looks in linen and blends are appropriate, they just need the right degree of restraint.

Dinnerwear has a fantastic and particularly special appearance and is really appropriate in a wedding circumstance. It can be done as strictly or as interpretively as one desires, so dinner suits in a more natural and relaxed linen or seersucker can lend a casual verve yet still remain within the code of eveningwear.


Details such as closure, lapel shape and pocket types really depend on your body type, face shape and personality. Your tailor will be able to guide you through this process to ensure a beautiful, cohesive look on the day.

Designing a suit from scratch can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together a few ideas to get you started.


Traditional Weddings

For traditional weddings, a shawl collared, one buttoned black tuxedo is hard to go past. It’s understated, elegant and will never go out of style.


Beach weddings

Beach weddings allow for fresh, lighter colours; beige, off-white, crisp blue. A breathable, lightweight fabric like tropical weight wool, linen or cotton will keep you cool in the heat and give a slightly more casual feeling to the look.


Winter Weddings

Peak lapels or a double breasted closure adds a little more presence and visual sharpness to the suit. It’s an elegant option for any wedding, but is particularly well suited to formal, city events in the cooler months.


Garden Weddings

More relaxed styles are perfect for a garden wedding. Breathable cottons and linens in lighter colours make for a beautiful, fresh look.


Destination Weddings

A destination wedding can be a great opportunity to play around with some more interesting fabrics and colours. Cotton and linen cloths carry colours beautifully and can be a little more cheery, sportive and playful, without losing elegance.


Contemporary weddings

Think your traditional wedding tuxedo, but with a slight modern twist. A separate jacket and trouser is a great way to add a little more interest to your look.


Choose an elegant dinner shirt if you’re wearing a tuxedo. Simple mother of pearl buttons are a more understated, less strict look with a dinner shirt, but studs are more appropriate if it’s a very formal event. For more relaxed settings, and particularly in the summer, a fresh linen shirt will work beautifully. You’ll look just the right amount of laid-back, without looking casual. We recommend a spare shirt to change into for your reception, it’s a great way to quickly re-fresh your look after the ceremony and keep you feeling crisp and clean into the evening’s celebrations.


The key with accessories is keeping it simple. You do want to have enough interest in your look to make it clear that you haven’t just come from work, but it’s important not to go overboard and end up with the outfit wearing you. The right shoes, a pocket square or an interesting tie are really good ways to dress up what may otherwise be a reasonably conservative look. Have fun with your accessories but remember that more is not more, purity is key to a ceremonial look. Here are some accessories to consider:

Black Fine Grosgrain Bow Tie BWTBK0064 .jpg

Bow ties

If it’s a formal wedding and you’re wearing a classic tuxedo, a bow tie is non-negotiable. Opt for a self tie bow tie - you can do better than a clip-on! The slight irregularity you’ll get from tying it yourself is all part of the look, but make sure it’s tied and ready to go the day before, it’s the last thing you want to be worrying about on the day. Shop our range here and here’s how to tie one.


Pocket Squares

A pocket square is another good opportunity to differentiate the groom from his groomsmen, and to add a little interest to your look. A white linen pocket square is a fail-safe, but feel free to branch out a little more if your outfit and personality allows.

River design on green base tie TIEGE0727 .jpg


A tie with a bit of interest - a bolder colour or a print - is a great way to brighten up a look that may otherwise border on the conservative. Colours like white and off white can also be used as a subtle visual signal to isolate the groom from his groomsmen. For beach and garden weddings, something more casual like a linen tie or a silk flat knit will be event appropriate and elegant. Shop here.



Go for something clean and neat, and make sure the colour goes well with your suit (your tailor can help here). We offer beautiful custom made slippers for a truly custom look, get in touch to enquire. (Pictured shoes: Crockett and Jones)


If you’re wearing a double cuff and cufflinks, keep them neat, elegant and minimal. You may like to subtly co-ordinate with the colour of jewellery your fiancé is wearing as a nice unified touch.


Grooming is often overlooked but it’s just as important as the outfit. Take extra attention to look a little more special, you need to look like yourself, but the best version.


Don’t feel as if it’s necessary to have every groomsman looking the same, or looking like the groom. As long as they look like a team, it’ll look impressive and special. It should be easy to identify the groom amongst the pack. Our spaces are designed to host you and your groomsmen, so make an afternoon of it and enjoy the process.


For same sex weddings, we encourage our clients to show their individuality with contrasting outfits but with small uniting elements, such as the same cloth in different colours. There’s no need to match, or you’ll risk looking like two groomsmen.



We begin with an obligation free consultation with one of our experienced tailors. In this ~45 minute session, we will take your measurements, discuss your style preferences, and answer any questions you may have in order to help you achieve a strong, balanced and comfortable look on your big day.


Depending on your taste for customisation, you can choose just about every part of your suit. From the cloth and lapel, to pockets, buttons and lining, there are over a million possible combinations. On the other hand, if you prefer the hands-off approach, we can advise and recommend the most suitable combinations to create your ideal look.


Your suit will be ready for collection approximately 4-6 weeks from your initial fitting, depending on the specific details chosen. Any final adjustments that may be required can be completed in a number of days. Your unique pattern is updated, making it simple to re-order and continue building your wardrobe, and to ensure an impeccable finish.

On the day, the most important thing is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and to enjoy yourself!

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