How To Care For Your Suit

Avoid awkward wardrobe malfunctions with these tips to help you get the most out of your garment. 


Suits in general and trousers in particular need rest from wear. Ensure you have an extra pair of trousers with your work suits to prevent excessive and premature wear. Beware of textured, abrasive office seats! 


Hang your jacket on the provided hanger to retain the shoulder form. 


Avoid leaving your garments in the sun for extended periods of time (eg. in the back of cars).


Save some cash at the dry cleaners by visiting less, and use a small, reputable dry cleaner with a premium service. Two to three times a year is probably enough for most suits if you’re using them in a good rotation. 

If your suit needs a refresh in between cleans, hang it outside overnight in the cool and moist night air (under cover and in the suit bag). This will gently rehydrate and recover the cloth. 

If your garment is soiled in only a localised area, ask for a spot clean only, or press a damp cloth gently on the mark. For those olive oil drops, apply talcum powder in a small mound onto the spot, then dust off after 12 hours without massaging it into the cloth at all.

Feel free to drop your suit in to one of our showrooms for a press and freshen up anytime, and have a coffee while you wait.


Ask your dry cleaner to cover horn and shell buttons in foil, so they don’t erode. 

Our team are always happy to assist if you have any questions about the care of your suit, so please don't hesitate to get in touch at

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